Name Analysis

All names are not equal. The names you use create your life experiences What does Kelly’s name say about her?

The name of Kelly creates a very versatile and creative nature.

You are quick-minded and have the freedom of expression to mix easily with people.

Because your feelings and desires are so changeable, you are never satisfied with conditions as they are.

You have many ideas, plans, and ambitions, but too often they are for an easy way out of a difficulty or an easy way of making money.

You seek change in order to have the opportunity for travel, new experiences, and new friends and associates.

You find it difficult to systematize your efforts and to fulfill your obligations and plans as you are not inclined to apply yourself consistently to a job to reach your goals.

Although you appear positive, you inwardly lack self-confidence and will-power.

This name has caused you to feel unsettled emotionally and mentally, being too easily influenced through your emotional nature and by other people.

The name makes it difficult for you to view life realistically, to be honest with yourself and with others.

Instead, you live in your desires, longing for conditions and people to be as you would like them to be.

Health weakness centers in the fluid functions: the kidneys, bladder, or bloodstream.

Tension could also cause you to suffer with female problems.

Your name of Brianne makes you very idealistic and generous, with the strong desire to uplift humanity leading you into situations where you can express your desire to serve others.

You want to assume responsibilities and to look after people; however, you can become too involved in other people’s problems and tend to worry.

Your name gives you a natural desire to express along artistic and musical lines.

You desire a settled home and family life, and are expressive and attentive to your loved ones.

You must be careful not to become possessive and jealous of those close to you, however, as you could attract losses and unfortunate experiences.

If you attach an ideal of service to your life, you could find great happiness and could express a very beautiful, happy, responsible, artistic, and generous nature.

The weakness of this name is in worry, which in turn affects the nervous system, creating a tendency to be highly strung or over-sensitive to the thoughts of others.