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Video: Turn It Up – Kelly Clarkson, Meghan Trainor, John Oliver & More Sing “Since U Been Gone”

Jimmy Fallon challenges Tonight Show guests Kelly Clarkson, Shaquille O’Neal, John Oliver, Rachel Brosnahan, Mumford & Sons, Meghan Trainor, Anthony Anderson and The Roots to sing Kelly’s hard-to-croon hit “Since U Been Gone.”

Appearance order below:
(0:03) – Kelly Clarkson
(0:11) – Shaquille O’Neal
(0:18) – Jimmy Fallon
(0:22) – Rachel Brosnahan
(0:25) – John Oliver
(0:28) – The Roots
(0:35) – Meghan Trainor
(0:40) – Mumford & Sons
(1:04) – Anthony Anderson

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Press/Video: Kelly Clarkson Absolutely Demolished ‘Fancy’ at the Kennedy Center Honors

From now on, every Kennedy Center Honors ceremony needs at least one song about a sex worker. It can be “Fancy” every time, if need be. As part of the celebration of Reba McEntire, Clarkson did what we mere karaoke singers cannot: utterly crush “Fancy” and look cute doing it. The Kennedy Center released a small clip of Clarkson’s performance, but the whole show is available on CBS All Access. Besides McEntire, the 2018 honorees were Cher, Philip Glass, Wayne Shorter, and the creative team behind Hamilton.

Clarkson is married to McEntire’s stepson, and the American Idol winner started her number by thanking Reba for “being a rad grandma to our kids.” She also asked Reba not to judge her. But girl, that judgment would be in your favor.